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Reach more players globally with fast, regulation-compliant verification that detects and weeds out fraud. An efficient identity verification process can streamline the user onboarding experience, enabling new players to quickly and securely create accounts. This can help gaming companies attract more players while maintaining compliance with relevant regulations.

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Verified players from every corner of the globe are brought onboard. Foster an inviting user experience to entice a greater number of players.

Maintain a profitable and successful pass rate to boost revenue. Time verifications to coincide with the user journey for maximum efficiency.

Prevent fraud and maintain compliance with regulations. Develop a strong reputation among clients, regulatory bodies, and partners.

Maximize Your Security: An Expert Guide to Identity Protection in Online Gaming

In the gaming industry, complying with the law's age verification requirements is crucial. To prevent underage access to age-restricted video games and identity theft, gaming companies must implement complete identity verification solutions in their existing systems. These know your customer (KYC) solutions include automated KYC and an API for KYC Identity Verification. They can effectively detect various types of fraud based on identity, device, location, and activity. By mitigating risks and preventing fraud, automated KYC and API for KYC Identity Verification provide a comprehensive solution for gaming companies.

Strategies for verifying identity in the following scenarios:
  • Beginning the process of onboarding a new client.
  • Executing credit card payment processing.
  • Scanning through age-restricted material.
Online Gaming
Player Onboarding
Player Onboarding That Is Quick
Abiding by the Law
Abiding by the Law
Cost Effective ROI
Cost-Effective ROI

Combat compliance and fraud threats effectively

Don't take any chances with fraud and reputation damage to your company. KYC Spain offers user-friendly verification processes that comply with regulatory standards and provide complete protection against fraudulent activity, ensuring your company's financial security.

Agile user incorporation

Utilizing KYC Spain's automated KYC identity verification technologies and API for KYC can greatly expedite the know your customer business onboarding process. This results in less user frustration and fewer abandoned accounts, ultimately preventing the costly mistake of losing newly acquired customers due to a slow and frustrating process after investing in marketing efforts.